Monday, December 1, 2008

Brushing Issues? Try Tooth Tissues

We all know the importance of proper tooth brushing between visits to the dentist. I have also written previously about the importance of dental care for babies and about the dental benefits of xylitol.

Many parents will tell you that it is a challenge to brush a baby's teeth.  There are struggles with the toothbrush, concerns about when to start using toothpaste and, also, which trick to use to try to make brushing a successful experience. 

I recently found out about a product designed to help with dental hygiene when brushing is an issue (or before the baby even has any teeth).  They are called Tooth Tissues. They were developed by two dentists who are also parents. The tissues contain xylitol and they are free of fluoride and sugar. They are also good to help adults get a clean mouth when brushing is a challenge.

Of course, any oral hygiene product should be used in addition to your regular visits to the dentist. You didn't think I'd forget that part, did you?

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