Wednesday, January 7, 2009

If You Don't Like Needles, You Can Try Hypnosis

One thing that many people dislike about dentistry is the needle that is sometimes used to administer anesthesia for certain procedures. Perhaps they wouldn't mind as much if they got relaxed by a voice instead of an injection. Hypnosis could make this a reality.

Hypnosis for dentistry, which was first reported in Egypt thousands of years ago, is gaining popularity. Dentists from all over the United States come to the USC School of Dentistry to take classes that teach them how to use hypnosis in a dental practice. 

In addition to relaxation for dental procedures, the hypnosis can be used to affect behavior outside the dental office as well. Perhaps all patients will soon be flossing regularly.

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Jo said...

Hypnosis works great. I learned self-hypnosis and use it for stress when I go to the dentist. When I was having a new crown put in the assistant came into the room and said "No one falls asleep at the dentist office" as she shook my should. I was just practicing hypnosis, opened my eyes and told her what I was doing. It was a very comfortable crown installation. So, if the dentist doesn't use hypnosis my advice is to see a medical support hypnotist and learn how to do it for yourself.