Monday, February 16, 2009

Read About What Soda Could Do To Your Teeth

I'm sure we've all heard the claim that if you leave a tooth in a glass of cola the tooth will dissolve. If you hadn't, you have now.

A few days ago I saw a news story about the incredibly bad dental health of children in eastern Kentucky. The rampant tooth decay there is being blamed partly on their consumption of large amounts of soda (specifically Mountain Dew, which has 50% more caffeine than Coke or Pepsi and is claimed to be "used as a kind of anti-depressant for children in the hills.").

A sad fact in the story is that the Central Appalachian region leads the nation in toothlessness. A bright spot in the story is Dr. Edwin Smith, who travels the area in a mobile dental clinic he financed himself. For many families, this is their only option for seeing a dentist.

Situations like this are the reason the National Children's Oral Health Foundation exists. 

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Sandy B-B said...

Hi Fred,

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!...for all the support you give the National Children's Oral Health Foundation through your blogs. We really appreciate all that you do to help and support us.

I contacted Dr. Smith’s office last night and spoke with his office manager. They are currently operating as a “for profit”, although the office manager said Dr. Smith was considering establishing a 501(C)(3) organization. Their mission is so very synergistic with that of the National Children’s Oral Health Foundation, that I just had to find out more about their program. I sent them more information regarding NCOHF, so that if and when he does attain not-for-profit status, he can apply to become a member of NCOHF’s growing network of Affiliates and can take advantage of the many benefits we have to offer that may help further advance their program’s oral health goals. In the meantime, as a private practitioner, I also introduced him to the Tomorrow’s Smiles program.

Warmest regards,

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