Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Visit Your Dentist, Not Your Junk Drawer

We hear the news stories every day. We know the words: economy, deficit, unemployment, stimulus... Yes, times are tough, but don't take it out on your mouth and your health. A woman in Colorado has actually been using Super Glue to keep her teeth in her mouth. "Self help" in dentistry involves brushing and flossing, not this.

We know why dentistry isn't cheap (and shouldn't be) and why dentistry is a good investment. Sure, you can wait a bit for the dream smile if you need to, but get basic care. I hope you know by now that if you don't have one, 1-800-DENTIST will help you find a dentist near you. Many will invite you in for a no-cost evaluation and will discuss financing options for care you may need. Super Glue sold separately.

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