Friday, October 31, 2008

Candy: The Halloween Dental Scapegoat

Halloween candy. Those words go together like, well, like tooth and decay. Many parents see the kids' Halloween candy haul and start imagining numbers of cavities. Tis the season...  We also need to be mindful of ways to prevent cavities on all of the non-candy-holiday days of the year as well.  

Sugar gets most of the headlines, but many foods can cause tooth decay.  The bacteria in our mouths enjoy carbohydrates from "healthy" foods as well. How often we eat also plays a role. Constant snacking keeps our teeth in contact with food more often and allows plaque to thrive.
It is important to brush after every meal to keep the bacteria colonies at bay. The faster food particles are removed, the better your chances of avoiding decay. Oh, and visiting the dentist regularly can't hurt either.

Go ahead, live in the spirit of the day. Just don't forget sound oral hygiene for the other 364 as well.  Happy Halloween.

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