Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Into the Mouths of Babes

The story of Leta's trip to the dentist is a great illustration of a story I have heard time and time again:girl fears dentist, dentist meets girl, girl loses fear, girl loves dentist.  It's as old as the hills.

Our operators at 1-800-DENTIST hear from fearful patients on a daily basis. We match them with a great dentist, they lose their fear, they love the dentist. We're not quite as old as the hills, but we have been doing it since 1986.

Whether you are a fearful adult or you have a fearful child, a visit to the dentist shouldn't be a thing of dread. Something as simple as a free toothbrush can put your child on the road to great dental health and enjoyable trips to the dentist. Download a free toothbrushing chart to make brushing at home a fun event.

If you are a fearful parent, take a deep breath and go see the dentist.  Set a good example. There may just be a free toothbrush in your future.

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