Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Invisalign-The Best Alternative to Braces Yet

Sometimes modern technology actually does make things better. What I've seen in the past few years is that the Invisalign system for orthodontics is a radical improvement in moving teeth. First of all, they are removable. Secondly, they are clear, not metal. Third, because they are smooth and not metal, they are not shredding your tongue and lips.

Adults who would never consider braces are using Invisalign to straighten their teeth, sometimes just a few skewed teeth who have wandered from the herd, but occasionally the full mouth. And the way Invisalign works is simple and brilliant.

First, an impression is taken of all your teeth. Then your dentist works with Invisalign advisors to design the proper movement of all your teeth, and then software plans the gradual movement of the teeth, and designs a series of retainers that are then made by the company and sent in batches to the dentist. Usually you wear a retainer for around two weeks and move on to the next one.

Very often Invisalign cases are finished in a year. This is also fairly appealing, but even if it were longer, then it wouldn't be as bad as metal braces. Not everyone is a candidate for Invisalign, though. The more extreme cases may require metal braces first, or some extractions, but they are getting better and better at the effectiveness of Invisalign all the time.

Also, it was not recommended for teenagers, because their mouths are still forming, but that has also improved. There are now many more younger people who can use Invisalign. The greatest challenge with Invisalign is that, because they are removable, people leave them out too long and slow their treatment down. Teenagers are the worst at this, as you can imagine.

Straight teeth are a good thing, not just because they look better but because, in the end, they are also healthier. Tight, crowded or crooked teeth are very often traps for food and decay, and also are at greater risk for gum disease. And it all gets worse from there.

Modern technology, it can be a beautiful thing!

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